Housing Loan Schemes

Purpose :For construction or purchase of house/bunglow/Flat/Row House/ Repair of House
Loan Limit :Maximum of Rs.25 Lacs 75 % of Agreement Price of House/ Flat/Row House + Stamp Duty
Rate of Interest :12.00 % P.A.
Security :Registered Mortgage of Property
Period :Maximum 180 Months
Guarantor :Two
Documents :1. Loan Application.
2. Title Report/Property Documents.
3. Latest Income Proof of Applicant & Guarantor.
4. Applicant’s PAN card.
5. Address Proof Of Applicants & Guarantor.
6. Plan Sanction Copy.
7. Commence Certificate.
8. Non Agriculture order.
9. Ration card and photo of Guarantor.
Member / Share Money :@ 2.5% of Loan Amt.