Fixed Deposit Regular Scheme

The most common term of investment where customer gets better returns/interest on their deposits. Bank offers various ranges of schemes in the form of Fixed Deposits where interest is paid to investor’s at regular intervals, Re-Investment Deposits where interest gets accumulated in principle & investor receives an accumulated maturity amount at the end of tenure of deposits.

This is golden opportunity for medium Term Investors . You can deposit your amount for Medium & Long Term i.e. from 13 months to 120 months and get highest returns

i.e. 7.50% p.a. Proposed :

In these schemes Bank has option for payment of Interest on Monthly / Quarterly / Half Yearly or Yearly payment of interest. 

1. Interest amount will be paid Monthly.

2. Interest will be paid in credited to customer’s  Bank Account or the customer’s other Bank Account through NEFT/ ECS or by Pay order.